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I really like Coma! Congrats to the developers. I really want to see where this game can go, so I made a short game review of Coma. The visuals in this game are brilliant! And while some aspects of the game play can be fine tuned, I honestly had a lot of fun. Good luck with the future development. I hope my little video can help you out a little.


Thank you very much!

This looks good so far.  I will hold off on a video but as soon as demo is out let me know, I would love to add this to my YouTube Channel.

This is absolutely beautiful, I have a bit of feedback if that's alright with you. The crouch might feel a bit better if it were press and hold instead of toggle, at least on a controller, and since the right analogue stick seems unused, at least as far as I played, maybe it could be used for aiming. It was a bit awkward trying to move and aim at the same time with a stick, especially since aiming up and trying to dodge will always send you up instead of being able to strafe. I know that that would lead to having to reassign the fire button away from X, but I'd rather be able to aim and dodge at the same time. Might feel better on KB/M though. The leg animation was a bit floppy/puppetlike, dunno if that was intentional, just something I noticed. Overall, though, I was really impressed with this. Gorgeous art, awesome style, mechanics felt really solid outside what I mentioned, really looking forward to seeing how this grows!


Thanks for the feedback.

Currently we're considering 3 ways of implementing movement/aiming system - the current 8-directional aiming tied to the movement, which is best suited for D-Pad usage, separating movement and aiming by using left and right analog sticks independently, or a lock-on system with target switching.

The right analog stick is used for camera movement, although it can be hard to notice that, since the level design in the prototype is a bit confined and the camera often is near the edge of its confinement area, so the feature rarely comes in handy. We plan having more open level design in the final game, so it might be more useful by then :).

As for the animations - they are mostly placeholders or temporary poses. We are aware the character movement is a bit wonky, and we'll make sure to refine and polish the animations so that they feel dynamic and fit for a cyborg :)